Twenty Five Hours Hotel Vienna - Hotels-Boutique-Design in Vienna

Twenty Five Hours Hotel Vienna Vienna Twenty Five Hours Hotel Vienna

City: Vienna
Type of Busines: Hotels-Boutique-Design
Tel: +43 (0)1 521 51 0
Address: 1-3, Lerchenfelder Strasse 1070 Vienna

Business description

Dreimeta - a team from creative heads whose aim is to create rooms with identity and character. Founded in 2003 from Armin Fischer, the planning office Dreimeta committed himself to the subject: Interior design which touches the senses and tells stories. Our main focus lies in the area of hotel and gastronomy. However, also shop design, surgeries and fair performances counts to our duties. The Dreimeta network is interdisciplinary: we work in a Cross-over of architects and interior decorators, caterer and designers, marketing experts and psychologists. To strengthen the identity and philosophy of the customer by our ideas and to interpret courageously is our aim!

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